Internet Answering Machines

eVoice Receptionist
Get a local eVoice number for voicemail by email and new message notification by cell phone, and benefit from a huge number of advanced features. Sign up for a free trial.
  Voicemail Caller ID PC or Mac Take Call Message Check Special Features
eVoice Receptionist Yes Yes Any Yes Email, web or phone You get your own dedicated voicemail number with advanced call screening and handling. 30-day free trial.
My1Voice Yes Yes PC Yes Web, email, phone, SMS notification Advanced virtual receptionist service. 30 day free trial.
Sends the caller to a voicemail messaging system when you are on-line.
Caller ID
Shows you the number of the person calling.
PC or Mac
Indicates the platform the system is available on.
Take Call
A feature which allows you the option of taking the incoming call.
Message Check
The method by which you can check your incoming messages - by phone, on-line, or via the service's software.