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Are free eCommunications reliable? Surprisingly, the answer in many cases is "yes!" While does not vouch for and is not responsible for the content or reliability of any service, our personal experience is that the trend of free eCommunications is toward the quality level of paid-for services. In many cases, the main difference is that free services are advertising-supported whereas paid services do not have ads.
How much does it cost to get listed on your site? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero. We strive to have the most comprehensive and objective listing of information anywhere on the web. If your service is popular enough, we'll come across it at some point in our web travels and add it to this site.
I have some questions regarding various services. Do you offer support? We don't offer support for specific services. Given the thousands of free services out there, it's unfortunately not realistic for us to offer such support. Many services have their own discussion forums and communities, and that's probably your best bet if you need help.
Why don't you list a category for free email right on your site? That's easy . . . because our sister site, the Free Email Providers Guide ( already does that better than anyone else on the web. With more than 1400 providers in over 85 countries listed, they are the authority on free email. They have listed easy links to get back to us, however, so don't worry that you won't get back if you head on over!
What is the best free eCommunications provider? That depends on what you're looking for! There are so many kinds of free eCommunications, in so many different forms, that it would be impossible to list one kind as best.
When I print some pages from the FECG they are too wide, how can I print without losing any data? Set your printer to landscape orientation before printing, you should be able to do this from within your browser.