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Now there's a better way to fax. eFax makes it possible to use your existing email account to send and receive faxes. Find out how to get a fax number that sends and receives faxes using your current email address.
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  Fax Details Wireless Notification Storage Limit Notes
Efax Receive-free, send-$, wireless notification avail Yes ? US, UK and 20 other countries
FreeFax Send from web, receive in email No n/a Send to many countries. Ad-supported.
K7 .tif file to email, no page limit No 20 messages Numbers are assigned in Seattle area code only
The Phone Company Send from web No n/a Send to many countries. Ad-supported.
Totally Free Paging Receive in email Yes n/a Have to purchase a $25 pager to activate service. Available in California, Arizona and Nevada.
TPC Fax Send via email No n/a Different languages available. Ad-supported.