Online Invitations & Announcements

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  Address Book Maps BBS Graphics / Colors / Sounds What To Bring Polls Manual
Evite Yes Yes No GCS Yes Yes Yes
Sendomatic Yes Yes No G Yes No Yes
Yahoo! Invites Yes Yes Yes GC No No No
Address Book
Allows you to store all your guest addresses online. Quickly add guests to your invitation from the address book. Some sites allow you to import addresses from other sources.
Provided you've entered a full address for the location of your event, this feature allows guests to view an online map and possibly driving directions to the event.
Give your guests (and yourself) the opportunity to leave messages on an online, event-related message board. Great for discussing ideas both before and after the event!
This indicates whether or not you can format the look and feel of the invitation with customized graphics, colors and sound files.
What To Bring
This very useful feature allows you to specify a list (and quantities) of items you need your guests to bring to the event. When they reply they can indicate which item(s) they are planning to bring, thereby allowing you to keep track very simply of who's bringing what.
Another very useful feature that allows you to ask your guests questions (with a fixed set answers) and keep track of the responses.
If your guests don't have email, or respond by other means, this feature allows you to manually enter their responses into the system yourself.