Free eCommunications Providers

Portal Watch Provides an overview of all eCommunications functionality provided by the major portal sites.

Calendars & Organizers (PIMs) Websites that help keep you organized.

Conference Calling Websites that allow you to set up conference calls for free.

Email Visit our sister site, the Free Email Providers Guide, for over 1400 free email providers.

Email-To-Mail These services allow you to send an email which is then sent on as "snail mail.".

Fax These providers allow you to send and/or receive faxes.

File Storage Web services that give you additional disk storage capacity, online.

Free DSL Providers of free Digital Subscriber Line broadband internet access.

Instant Messaging & Pagers This is a great way to keep track of your friends and business associates--send real-time messages/have chats with others who are currently on-line.

Internet Answering Machines Don't want to miss incoming messages while you're on the web, but don't want the expense of a second phone line? You need a free Internet Answering Machine! This is a short list, but the service is invaluable.

Internet Service Providers This section provides detailed information on free Internet Service Providers based in the U.S.A.

Online Invitations These sites allow you to send invitations and track responses online or simply send online announcements.

Phone Services that allow you to make free long-distance phone calls.

Short Messaging Systems (SMS) These sites allow you to send and/or receive SMS messages.

Voicemail Providers of free voicemail boxes.

Other Free eCommunications This page contains a list of several other useful free ecommunications services.